Unique and Artistic Finds

We love to go to the East Honolulu Clothing Company when visiting Oahu!  In Waimanalo in an unassumming building is this great shop!  I love the clothing - which is printed right on site.  A bonus is the great hand crafted jewelry!  If you are looking for something different to take home with you, visit this place!


You can now order online!  The price point might seem high, but the craftsmanship and material is top notch.  I have a couple of tops that are 5 years old that have retained their brightness and shape!  Great for traveling.

Street art - Honolulu murals

Kaka'ako is the home of vibrant and clever street art.  Every year in February Pow!Wow! holds a festival to celebrate local, mainland, and international artist.

Hanauma Bay recovering during COVID

Hanauma Bay
Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay on the island of Oahu has a long history of being enjoyed and fished for thousands of years.  The modern version has been over fished and over enjoyed.  Since the 1990's the State has taken steps to preserve the area, reduce the impact/quantity of visitors and educate people about conservation.  Slow progress has been made.


Since the Parks closure on March 18th due to COVID, the ocean water in the bay is notably clearer!  During this relatively short time new research shows that the ecosystem of the Bay is healthier: larger fish are returning and there is a continued increase in monk seal activity.  


For the whole story see this Star Advertiser story.

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